Countertop Stone Fabricator in Fairfax Virginia

Looking for a Stone Fabricator in Fairfax, Virginia? Contact Craft Countertops, one of Virginia’s largest stone fabricators and countertop installers. Our long history of offering high-quality stone, prompt project turnaround times, cutting-edge craftsmanship, affordable pricing, and, at our heart, exceptional customer service, has earned us a good reputation in the countertop industry. Our stunning display room in Sterling, Virginia is perfect for developers, designers, builders, and home renovation experts who wish to bring their clients in to choose their stone shade, inspect our top-notch workmanship, and gather crucial project information in one convenient location. If you use Craft Countertops in Fairfax, stone fabrication jobs can be trouble-free.

Kitchen Countertops in Fairfax Virginia

In Fairfax, Virginia, Craft Countertops is a pioneer in stone cutting and countertop sales. A stone fabricator uses casts of stone or concrete to make products like countertops, roofing slabs, and stone walls.

When it comes to stone fabrication for their residential and commercial projects, Craft Countertops is the top business that helps specialists, building contractors, and fabricators have the best experience. We offer excellent residential and commercial solutions.

 The layout of your remodel or new home must include kitchen countertops. As a visible surface, they draw attention to themselves and loop the room’s overall décor. Not just their appearance is required. The countertops you choose for your kitchen should match your lifestyle, your intended usage for them, and other factors. Here are some of the most common kitchen countertops:

Granite Countertops in Fairfax Virginia

 The two most common mineral crystals that makeup granite are feldspar and quartz. However, a variety of different minerals can be added, giving each piece of granite a unique character. Granite is available in precut, bordered countertops in addition to being custom-built and correctly installed. Granite is a completely natural stone that is extracted directly from quarries, polished, and then made into countertops.

The superior countertop materials granite and quartz (engineered stone) both increase the value of a home. Granite appeals to people who enjoy natural materials, although quartz requires less upkeep and has marginally higher durability. In Fairfax, Virginia, we have one of the largest inventories of granite countertops. 

Quartz Countertops in Fairfax Virginia

 Are you looking for premium quartz countertops for your bathroom or kitchen? The fact that quartz countertops are highly durable is one of their main benefits. Unlike granite, marble, and other surfaces that require routine maintenance, quartz countertops never need to be sealed. Additionally, because quartz countertops are nonabsorbent, they resist staining and don’t support pathogenic microorganisms. Quartz countertops are available in a wide variety from Craft Countertops in its sizable Fairfax, Virginia, exhibition area.


MSI Soapstone Countertops in Fairfax Virginia 

The natural stone known as soapstone has been used for countertops for many years. When opposed to the urbane and elegant appearance of granite or slate, its milky appearance gives it a rustic sense. The natural beauty of soapstone is adored by many property owners. Stone quarried for soapstone countertops. Chlorite, magnesite, and dolomite make up the steatite stone. The majority also includes a sizable amount of talc, which gives the stone its milky or powdery appearance and feel. Because of their softness, painters have used talc-filled slabs for centuries. Steatite with somewhat less talc is sufficiently hard for usage as fireplace surrounds and countertops. This is the natural stone to choose from if you’re looking for one with a lot of warmth. Soapstone counter surfaces are popular in country kitchens, for this reason, however, they may also be stylishly incorporated into traditional, modern, and eclectic design schemes. They offer exceptional design flexibility.

Marble Countertops in Fairfax Virginia

Marble countertops offer a beautiful, premium appearance that is unsurpassed by other materials, much like granite. You can choose a special alternative to distinctly fit your plan because marble for countertops is available in a wide variety of colors and designs and is mined from all over the world. The attractiveness and durability of marble counter surfaces, when properly preserved, are among their advantages. 

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