craft countertops granite fabricaiton

Our Fabrications
Natural granite is quite literally cut directly from the ground, so it is easy to see why each piece of granite varies in color, consistency, and texture. Your granite will have a character unlike any other in the world.
This beauty is not without cost and maintenance. Fabrication price is a function of where in the world the granite is mined, how deep it is mined, and whether or not it is under water. Granite does need to be sealed from time to time; intervals usually measure in years, not months. It is a simple process and we carry a do-it-yourself kit to keep your granite looking and performing great for years.

It all starts in the mountains, where the material is blasted from the quarry and cut into large blocks. The granite blocks are then cut into thin slices, usually 2cm =3/4″, 3cm =1 1/4″, then polished and loaded into containers. The slabs are ready to be shipped all over the world from places such as Brazil, India, Ukraine, and Italy. Once delivered to our warehouse, the newly polished slab is worked by both machine and by hand.

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