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We are here to help and create best quartz, granite, marble etc. countertops. Please share us about your project ideas that need some inspiration.

Cambria Countertops in STERLING VA

There are many different countertop options available on the market. We frequently concentrate on all-natural alternatives when it comes to building supplies and home improvement tasks. However, there are some instances where synthetic materials manufactured by humans are superior to those made by nature.

There is Cambria, which is a little more exotic than typical granite, marble, or stone surfaces. You might be wondering what Cambria Quartz is. It’s certainly one of the most popular premium countertop materials right now. Continue reading to learn more about this opulent brand of quartz countertops.

Based in Minnesota, Cambria Quartz is an American-Made, Family-Owned Brand of Quartz Countertops. The composition of Cambria Quartz Slabs is 93% crushed quartz, 7% pigment, and 5% binder. Unlike granite, Cambria Quartz never needs to be sealed. Additionally, Cambria Quartz is stain- and scratch-resistant. Only Cambria Approved Premier Dealers are authorized to sell Cambria Quartz, while a select few designs are also available at .

A lifetime warranty against manufacturing flaws is also included with every professionally installed Cambria quartz countertop project. Cambria Quartz Countertops can be purchased with confidence knowing that the company stands firmly behind its offering.

Cambria Quartz is:

  • Durable
  • Dependable
  • Beautiful
  • Food Safe
  • Stain Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Warrantied for Life

To see our works on Cambria Countertops and Kitchen Remodelings, visit our own works via projects gallery.

Free Quote for Cambria kitchen countertop remodeling via this link.

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