• florida wave quartzite
  • glacier wave quartzite
  • calacatta montreal quartzite
  • belvedere quartzite
  • onyx bamboo quartzite
  • galapagos quartzite
  • fantasy macaubas quartzite
  • audacia quartzite
  • kalahari quartzite
  • calacatta macaubas quartzite
  • cristallo quartzite
  • cirrus gray quartzite
  • crytos quartzite
  • white montreal quartzite
  • azul treasure quartzite
  • sea pearl quartzite
  • platinum black quartzite
  • mercury gray quartzite


We are here to help and create best quartz, granite, marble etc. countertops. Please share us about your project ideas that need some inspiration.


Quartz as an ingredient for your countertop. Because for a kitchen countertop, it is important that you set stricter requirements than for example a table top or a windowsill. Countertops must be resistant to various causes of damage and wear such as spilling liquids, placing hot objects on the surface, and cutting sharp knives over the countertop.

Natural stone materials made up of quartz score very well in this area. It is therefore no wonder that our composite granite countertops are very popular.

Quartz countertop: What factors play a role for a kitchen countertop?

If you are looking for a material for a countertop, then three factors play a role:

  • Is the material sturdy and durable?
  • Is the material easy to maintain?
  • Does the material have a special appearance?

Which type of stone is the best choice for your kitchen depends on how heavily you weigh these three factors. If, for example, you have little time, then you want a countertop that requires as little maintenance as possible. If you are someone who often drops something on the kitchen countertop, then an extra strong material is a good choice. Finally, if you are looking for a kitchen countertop with a unique appearance, then it is important to pay more attention to the appearance.

With the help of the questions and answers below, you can determine which material best suits your kitchen.

Quartz countertop: Which material is the most durable?

At the top of the list of most sturdy and durable rocks, we find granite and composite. Both materials consist largely of quartz. It is therefore this mineral that provides the extreme hardness of granite and composite.

Both materials are scratch-free and resistant to placing hot objects on the surface due to their hardness. Since pans and sharp knives are part of every kitchen, countertops made of granite and composite are automatically a good choice.

Marble, on the other hand, does not contain quartz but is mainly made up of lime. This means that it is possible for scratches to appear on a marble surface.

Quartz countertop: Which material requires the least maintenance?

A natural stone countertop requires little maintenance, but a composite kitchen countertop takes the crown, especially if you choose our Silestone variant. This has an anti-bacterial top layer so that you can make your countertop more hygienic with a single swipe of a clean cloth.

Composite is also almost waterproof. So it is not necessary to seal or impregnate it annually to prevent stains and other irregularities from appearing in the material.

Quartz countertop: Which material is the most prestigious?

Of all materials, marble undoubtedly has the most acclaimed reputation. A marble countertop is well known to everyone.

However, marble is not nearly as durable and practical as all the other materials. If you are looking for a natural stone with a special appearance but you also value durability and hardness, then granite is an excellent second choice.

Which of the two is now the most important?

We will undoubtedly say that it is better to lay a countertop that is practical in everyday life. We can say this with certainty because all our countertops, regardless of the material, are beautiful from the outset. The fact that our natural stone countertops also stay beautiful longer and last longer, makes the choice for our quartz, ceramic or cement countertops even easier. So let us prepare a quote for you today.

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