One of the common “engineered stone” are quartz countertops. Quartz, a naturally hard mineral, makes up 90% of this substance. 8 to 10 percent of the remaining quartz slab is made up of resins, polymers, and pigments.

These substances combine to form a surface that is as hard as granite. The quartz that is grounded determines the slab’s color and look. The appearance of the quartz will be smooth if it is finely ground, whereas quartz that is more coarsely ground will appear to have greater freckles.

The design of the kitchen should be one of your top priorities when designing or remodeling a client’s house. Homeowners desire furniture that is classic, robust, and practical, from the cupboards to the countertops.

Quartz is one of the materials that is becoming more popular for countertops in both home and commercial kitchens. Because of their appearance, toughness, and utility, these countertops are winning the hearts of homeowners.

Here are some details regarding this well-liked countertop in case you are thinking about contacting a quartz seller for your upcoming project. Click and see the quartz counterop colors now.

The difference between quartz and quartzite countertops

People frequently assume that quartz and quartzite countertops are interchangeable. The fact is that these materials are unique. Quartz countertops, as mentioned above, are “engineered stone.” However, quartzite countertops are made of natural stone.

Durability of quartz countertops

Due to its durability, many prefer quartz countertops to other materials. These countertops are long-lasting. Quartz does not chip, break, or scratch like other countertops do. These characteristics make them perfect for commercial or industrial bathrooms and kitchens.

Appearance of quartz countertops

Quartz countertops are not only hard-wearing but also available in many different designs. These counters may have an appearance similar to granite or marble natural stones. They are also offered in monochrome alternatives for individuals who like a more streamlined and homogenous worktop.

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