Interview with Suleyman: The kitchen Countertop Trends for 2024

From classic marble to sleek monochrome: the countertop in your kitchen is a major determining factor for the final look of your kitchen. Would you like to know which colours, materials and styles are the most popular and which trends you can expect in 2024? We spoke with Suleyman, a countertops manufacturer from West Virginia. Suleyman creates kitchen countertops, sinks and other products that fit perfectly with the rest of your kitchen at Craft Countertop LLC.

Counter top showroom in West Virginia


What are the trends for 2024 in worktops?

In recent years during and after the pandemic we saw a trend of people opting for a fairly bold color. People spent a lot of time indoors and this meant we saw more attention paid to the colors choosing in kitchens. A favorite was the busy marble looks in matte or polished ceramic. But natural stone tops are also making a comeback. With natural stone, these are mainly the exclusive materials: the quartzite worktops. It should be as exclusive, colorful and exotic as possible. This adds life to your kitchen.

The emerging trend for 2024 is a trend in which people prefer more subdued warm, gray and earthy tones. As a result, sandy and beige worktops are becoming increasingly popular. In natural stone, composite and ceramic. The colors you see everywhere: nude, earthy tones and ‘greige’. In contrast to the large marble veins that have been popular in recent years, a minimal vein is now often chosen.

Top 5 kitchen trends 2024 at a glance:

  1. Pure nature in the kitchen
  2. Kitchen display cabinets
  3. Innovative storage
  4. Handleless kitchen with long handles
  5. Tile or natural stone kitchen back wall

Top 5 kitchen trends 2024


What is the most popular kitchen worktop at the moment?

Craftcountertop’s most popular kitchen worktop is the Belvedere. This is a quartzite leaf. The special thing about this sheet is that every block it is taken from is unique. It perfectly combines the dark color and vibrant patterns that are in high demand at the moment. Kalahari look is also extremely popular. This is a sand-colored worktop with a large pattern that runs completely horizontally across the top.  These polished composite worktops also have a lot of white, beige and brown in the color in the pattern.

What exactly is a quartzite kitchen top?

A quartzite worktop is made from a natural metamorphic rock, which consists mainly of quartz minerals. This is one of the most common minerals in our earth’s crust. The plates are extracted from quarries. Each quarry has its own character. Which also means that every slab of natural stone is unique in terms of color and vein structure.

“No two records are the same. In addition, it is a timeless and durable material that ‘lives’ and only becomes more beautiful with age. Natural stone gives every kitchen character and a unique appearance”, says Suleyman


What are the new developments in the field of countertops at Craft Countertops?

We as a company are constantly on the move and looking for the latest trends in the field of stone worktops for our clients in West Virginia. We work with a wide range through several established, renowned suppliers that we can rely on because of long-term relationships.

The developments in quartz composite are very impressive, making these worktops look increasingly natural with much more optical depth. Most countertops are full-body, meaning the pattern runs through the entire material. This is especially beautiful with marble-look worktops with a busier pattern.

The range of polished ceramics is becoming increasingly extensive. This means that various prints are available in both matte and polished finishes and sometimes even in soft gloss. With so much choice and options, you will always find the combination that best suits your kitchen taste.

Quartzite tops, including the Galapagos, Cirrus Grey, and the ‘standard‘ granite tops are timeless and remain popular.

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