Granite Countertop in Virginia

This article is very helpful if you want to learn everything there is to know about granite countertops, including its essential qualities and how granite is processed at quarries.

Natural stone known as granite is incredibly durable, making it perfect for both interior and exterior applications. Granite is a fantastic option for stone countertops because of its lovely patterns and hues as well as its tough qualities.

How is Granite Countertop Generated?

You might be surprised to learn that granite is generated deep within the earth when it comes to its origins. Liquid magma is heated to a molten state between other layers of rock by the intense heat and pressure of the environment over millions of years, and when it cools, it becomes solid.

Granite is made up of several natural components like feldspar, mica, quartz, and other minerals. The cooling process proceeds quite slowly. Granite has a crystalline appearance due to the mineral elements that are suspended within the magma. Granite’s rough beginnings and extensive process, which suspends a number of stabilizing materials within it, give it a hard nature.

Cutting is the first step in the granite processing process, which begins as soon as the raw granite is taken out of the ground. Large slabs of granite were chopped into workable blocks in this instance. These granite blocks are then divided into slabs of varying thicknesses for the market. Depending on the size of the block that the quarry was able to process, the slab sizes vary.

After cutting granite blocks into slabs, each slab is resin coated before being polished on one side by means of a big multi-head machine. Following the cutting and polishing steps, a bundle of six or seven slabs from the same granite block is packaged and transported to stone importers and fabricators around the world. Granite slabs are converted into worktops at the penultimate stage by stone fabricators like Craft Countertop Sterling, Virginia. The slabs are cut using modern CNC tools and waterjets, the edges are polished and contoured, and then they are put in your home for your enjoyment.

Kitchen countertops made of granite are great. Granite countertops require relatively little maintenance and maintain their original beauty for many years due to the granite’s properties of being scratch, stain, heat, and etch resistant.

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